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Compilation of Classic TV Footage - Episode 3

Published 2012

Based loosely on my unpopular "Compilation of Miscellaneous Footage" series of YouTube videos. This 3rd installment includes more classic TV clips, including an unusual and long clip which doesn't fit the expected preconception of 1950s TV. Plus clips from sitcoms, soaps, and 2 classic commercials! With footage from all 4 classic networks!

Run time 24 minutes 24 seconds
Producer Matthew Paul Argall
Audio/Visual sound, color/black and white


Reviewer: pauls son - - March 12, 2012
Subject: Your "forgotten" soap
The soap opera clip is from 'The Secret Storm'.
Reviewer: Vance Capley - - February 12, 2012
Subject: Why haven't I seen this before?
Nice cuts.
Great clips.
Excellent....I just want to know why i haven't seen this yet...downloading the other two tonight
Reviewer: The_Emperor_Of_Television - - February 4, 2012
Subject: I Uploaded This - But Nobody Cares - Explanation Needed
This contains footage from all four major American TV networks: NBC, DuMont, CBS, and ABC. What, you never heard of DuMont? The opening clip with Morey Amsterdam and Art Carney is from a DuMont series, "The Morey Amsterdam Show", which aired 1948 to 1950. The 1948 episodes aired on CBS. A few of the CBS episodes survive. I only have one episode (a 1950 DuMont ep). Unlike other DuMont shows, pretty much every episode they did of "The Morey Amsterdam Show" the UCLA Film and Television Archive.

Then there's a excerpt from a 1960s CBS promo reel with badly faded colo(u)r. Garry Moore appears.

Next is a clip from a soap opera. Which soap opera, I don't remember, which is worrying since I put this video together!

A 1950s Betty Crocker commercial that aired during "The Trouble with Father" appears next. Betty Crocker was NOT a real person.

Somebody who both existed and is still alive appears in the next's Betty White, on her short-lived 1957-1958 sitcom "Date with the Angels", which aired on ABC. This show was a flop but is now seen on many budget DVDs!

A clip from the CBS soap opera "Love of Life" appears next.

The next clip is unusual, as it is from an unsold television pilot called "Little Amy".

Following this is an excerpt from a 1975 NBC promo reel, which one source tells me was never aired! Lloyd Bridges appears.

Next is a classic commercial for "Dash", taken from a 1960 episode of "Search for Tomorrow". This clip, indeed the whole episode is in poor condition.

In better condition is a clip from ABC's "Super Circus". A popular show, forgotten now. The clip is unusual, for reasons that are obvious when you watch it.

Finally, there is an excerpt from a 1969 NBC promo reel. They discuss Debbie Reynolds, who appeared in a short-lived sitcom during that season.

(review re-submitted with slightly fixed grammar)